As part of the Cycling Fellow Program of the Dutch Cycling Embassy, early november 2015, our colleague Erik Tetteroo visited the city of Denver (CO) to help and improve their cycling plans. During a workshop with the Department of Public Works and with real estate developers a vision was drafted for the next five years and an action plan for 2016.

The city of Denver is growing strongly and in order to remain attractive and accessible in the future, bicycle-use is a welcome alternative to the car. To facilitate more cyclists a substantial extension of the bicycle network is needed, as well as campaigning to get people out of their car. Safety is a big issue in the US. Therefore much focus was put on the construction of protected bike lanes, also known as the green lanes (because of the green color instead of our Dutch red).

To support the increasing mobility also in the expansion areas of the city we have also looked at the multimodal combination with public transport. In the vicinity of the light rail stops are good opportunities for intensification of bicycle facilities. This also gave rise to draw in a variant of the HOD concept. HOD stands for Hybrid bike-train Oriented Development and has been extensively described in the thesis of Erik Tetteroo in October 2015.

The proposals for expansion of the bicycle facilities were presented to a working group of administrators (Mobility Working Group) who is willing to invest additional millions. Shortly following further discussions with Denver about a sequel to the Cycling Fellow Program, to help the city with the design of plans, campaigns and realization.