Why are there more bikes than people in Holland?

On February 11th Erik Tetteroo held a lecture at ESTEC, the European research center for aerospace. To inform the mostly foreign staff about living in the Netherlands, a series of lectures is organized by ESTEC. For example, on art and Dutch painters by the director of the Mauritshuis. In this lecture the topic was the Dutch cycling culture under the title “Why are there more bikes than people in Holland?”.

The answer to this question was given by Erik on the basis of the history and the typical Dutch bicycle culture, as well with an introduction on some of the factors influencing bicycle use. Hence social and spatial factors were discussed, the relationship with urban planning concepts and the combination bike-train.
In subsequent discussion with about 100 attendees many questions were asked, e.g. about the behavior of cyclists and regulations on e-bikes and speedpedelecs and the heavy traffic on the bike paths.