Due to climate change and land subsidence, in combination with the increasing role of grass roots organizations and social media, water managers are faced with more complex water issues. Water has become a determining factor in the spatial planning and the climate resilience of our country.

Water managers are not only faced with a changed set of circumstances, but also faced with a changed role:
Their range of duties has expanded; they have to work in an effect-oriented manner instead of a goal-oriented style. Increasingly projects have to be implemented in cooperation with other players and at a lower cost. This leads to more responsibility for the market players. The traditional role of the water management authorities in the implementation of projects has changed.

There is no universal ‘recipe’ for these unique tasks. APPM stands out by creating methods and solutions that are ‘tailor-made’. The key to successfully implementing these solutions is involving the local community and building on the strengths and expertise of the different market players:

–  Those who succeed in integrating local community concerns in projects such as water storage or levee reinforcement can count on a broader support base and better solutions. Experiences, ideas and concerns from the local community and private players are an opportunity as opposed to a hindrance if they are given the right place in a well-organized process.

Dare to let go and have confidence in the market, based on a sound assessment of on our own role in this process. This is the way of using clout, expertise and creativity of market players and at the same time shaping personal responsibility. Integrated types of contracts offer a multitude of opportunities if one reaches a balanced and broadly supported choice of a tender or contract type in a timely fashion.

We are ready to apply our success formula to your projects. We are working towards a future for the Netherlands that is more Beautiful and Secure. We can do this in a consultancy role or by managing your project or process.