Planning & Real Estate

The world of real estate development has changed and demands a different strategy and approach. We were used to building new construction, but now the emphasis increasingly has shifted to redeveloping the existing. This requires a different viewpoint and approach. A flexible approach aimed at creating values by focusing on the use of buildings and areas, offers new opportunities for these buildings and areas.

APPM’s expertise in creating a vision, development strategy and market approach, and specifically the integration of these three fields, puts APPM at present in the unique position of being able to take development one step further.

APPM develops and transforms buildings, urban and rural areas with the mission of making the Netherlands More Beautiful. We concentrate on cooperation, open communication, sustainability and finding solutions that are feasible and future-proof. We look beyond borders and go off the beaten track. As project manager, consultant or development partner, APPM will make your buildings or regions flourish. We organize and manage regional and local projects from start to finish. We translate the ambitions of both individuals and organizations into policy and then into concrete implementation plans. DOING it together is key.

Within Planning and Real Estate development we focus on:
– Repurposing buildings and regions
– Sustainable development and redevelopment: energy neutral and circular
– Development and redevelopment of social real estate or tangible cultural heritage.
– The translation of ambitions into regional and local policies: strategy, setting and agenda setting