It’s (not) about cycling…. At APPM, we believe that getting more people on bicycles is not just a goal in itself. It is a means to improve the quality of life in your city. Cycling is a relatively cheap, healthy and sustainable mode of transport. Worldwide we see a trend of ongoing urbanization, with more than 50% of the world’s population living in cities. But the triumph of the city also leads to increasing problems, as the need for more mobility results in car congestion and noise and air pollution.

More people on bikes will lead to better accessibility and better quality of life. It’s time for a change! We call it ‘planning the cycling city’. And it requires a vision on urbanization as well as bicycle-inclusive mobility. We look for new urban concepts as Hybrid (bicycle-train) Oriented Development, to accommodate multimodal travel in metropolitan regions. And we aim at a combination of improving bicycle facilities and infrastructure together with a marketing campaign and a campaign to change behaviour.

Within and outside the Netherlands APPM works on several mobility and cycling projects, for example:

  • A national bicycle policy for the Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and Environment
  • Cycling projects focusing on behavioral change
  • Safe cycling and e-bike projects
  • Quick scans for cycling routes and cycle highways
  • Cycling workshops, Think Bike Workshops and co-creating for cycling cities, as in Miami, Berlin, Denver, Göteborg, Leeds, Newcastle and Helsinki.
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