Energy & Climate

APPM is working towards making the Netherlands sustainable. We analyze energy issues and develop measures to mitigate climate change and we have extensive experience in translating policy into implementation.

Our motto is: Making the Netherlands More Beautiful. We contribute actively to the sustainable planning and development of our living environment. We believe in an approach and working method that mobilizes and connects society, public and private parties. We focus on renewable energy. We believe that organizational ability, the core business of APPM, is needed in the energy world. On paper, anything is possible. It is now necessary to realize these plans and get organized. In other words, to actually shape the transition to a sustainable society.

We focus on electric transportation, smart grids, sustainable development and regional ESCo’s. We act as energy coaches, allowing us, as independent project managers, to build a bridge between implementation programs of the government and the clout of society and the business sector.

Electric transportation is clean, quiet and affordable. It therefore contributes to a better living environment and offers economic opportunities. In addition, the electric car can be an important link in the transition towards a sustainable energy supply. We are actively involved in the introduction of electric transportation in the Netherlands as initiators, advisors, experts, and managers of projects or processes. From the introduction of the first electric car in 2009, we have been actively involved with over a hundred electric transportation projects in the Netherlands and beyond.   Internationally we are active in the United States, Belgium and a number of other European countries.

We work for public and private clients, from energy companies, car manufacturers to the national government. We develop the electric transportation business plan for an energy company and outline an action plan for the national government. We aid provinces and municipalities in the development of a public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. We promote regional cooperation, facilitate tender procedures for public charging infrastructure and are fostering a business model where the government, the market and grid managers can come together. Lastly, we are implementing new mobility concepts such as the introduction of electric taxis at Schiphol airport, electric boats and (electric) car sharing concepts.

Own initiative is central in our approach. We consciously and personally seek out the opportunities that contribute to the development of electric transportation in the Netherlands. Using our expertise and network, we effectively connect different parties. We distinguish ourselves by our independence, vast knowledge of and experience with electric transportation and our good connections with public and private parties. This position enables us to quickly develop business plans and implement projects. This speeds up the introduction of electric transportation.

Mark van Kerkhof
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