Harm-Jan Idema

Graduated a Master of Science in Civil Engineering & Management at the University of Twente, Harm-Jan has developed himself as an acknowledged international thought leader in the field of electric mobility. He is working as a senior project manager and e-Mobility consultant at APPM management consultants. At APPM, Harm-Jan is responsible for the national and international business development in green mobility. Furthermore, he is chairman of the board of the Dutch Organization for Electric Transport (DOET). The DOET association represents around 70 private companies in the Dutch EV industry. In both roles Harm-Jan is often an expert, workshop leader and keynote speaker in the international smart and green mobility industry.

Due to experience in a number of projects, Harm-Jan has obtained substantial knowledge and he has built up an international network on electric mobility and public charging infrastructure in particular. His knowledge includes urban transportation, public charging solutions, smart charging and other EV related subjects. Because of this, he is often asked to contribute to several projects, knowledge- and expert sessions, interviews and opinion articles. Harm-Jan has well-developed social skills, finds it easy to establish new contacts, and knows how to involve people in a project. His initiating and enthusiastic attitude enables him to start up activities in a hectic (project)environment, structure and coordinate these activities, and come to concrete results.

Harm-Jan works for several public and private organizations within the international EV-industry on the introduction of electric mobility, roll-out of (public) (fast) charging infrastructure and smart charging. He has expert knowledge on the business case of public charging, novel developments, and visions of several municipalities in this field. Currently, Harm-Jan is, among other projects, working on the cooperation between ElaadNL and EVnetNL and municipalities regarding the future management and maintenance of existing charging infrastructure and smart charging. Furthermore, he is strategic advisor for the roll-out of 1.240 charging points in the Provinces of Noord-Brabant and Limburg, with the lowest national charging fee in the Netherlands. He is also involved in the Living Lab Smart Charging at ElaadNL, which is the world’s biggest operational testing area for smart charging solutions.

Harm-Jan Idema
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